Monday, May 24, 2010

Toy Story Birthday Cake

So when I get an order for a simple sheet cake, I just can't do it. I'm sorry. This whole year I have dedicated to experimenting with techniques and designs. So with a fun theme like this, I decided to go fondant-crazy and try to recreate Buzz and Woody (the Birthday Boy's favorites!) The cake itself was simple: lemon cake with frosting between the layers. I was worried about the cake feeding enough guests, so I built up the cake layers a bit. I covered the cake in a pretty blue frosting, piped the red border around the top and bottom of the cake, then added all fondant pieces on top. The characters were made by building layers of fondant in different colors, a trick I tried using clip art and a copy machine, plus a stick of chewing gum, a yard of dental floss, and some ball bearings (this is a highly technical operation I'm running here). I cut the guest of honor's name from fondant with cookie cutters and added the "Happy Birthday" banner below to mimic the "Toy Story" movie logo. The shy birthday boy did crack a smile and whisper a "thank you" when he came with mom to pick up the cake. Hope you had a great birthday party, John! To infinity...and beyond!

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