Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cookie Pop Favors

This was an order for cookie pop favors for a teenage birthday party. I baked these sugar cookies on wooden dowels so they were extra sturdy, and individually wrapped each one in a cellophane bag. Together in the vases, they also made cute centerpieces for the buffet table. I stuck with cirlcle and square cookies with a simple monogram initial for this project, though I have a ton of different shaped cookie cutters. These are always a big hit! Custom cookie pop favors start at $3.50 each.

Kissable Cookies

I hosted a Mary Kay party for Valentines Day where we focused on Lipstick and lip products. These cookies were a big hit with the ladies. Wouldn't they also be great at a teenage girls' birthday? A couple cookies packaged in a cellophane bag with little bow would make a great party favor, or a great calling card for all you Mary Kay consultants out there (I'm actually a consultant myself, if you'd rather order the lipstick!) Contact me for prices on custom cookies.

Diaper Cake Centerpieces

I made a series of 5 smaller diaper cakes for my friend Maria who was hosting a baby shower for her sister-in-law. She used them as centerpieces for the shower, then gave them to the mom-to-be as a gift. She told me that people without babies wanted to take them home because they were so pretty! I thought it was a practical alternative to flowers for a baby shower, and much more personal. I left these unwrapped so that the party-goers could see all the goodies. I kept the decorations simple - just a few washcloth roses and silk flowers each, plus a "cake topper" of bottles, bibs & booties. (These small, 2 tier diaper cakes start at $20.)

Deluxe Diaper Cake

This was the mother of all diaper cakes! I made it for my dear friend Stephanie's shower. It was my first 4 tiered cake (still a jumbo pack of newborn diapers, with an extra tier made out of 4 take-out boxes filled with goodies). I included a ton of stuff - bath products, toys, booties, onesies, bibs, washcloth roses, pacifiers with homemade leashes, clothes, diaper cream, gas drops, and handmade hair bows (a girl has to learn to accessorize!) It was so fancy that Steph wouldn't open it at the shower, and she told me she kept it all put together as a decoration in their home until baby Holland arrived. (Large, 4 tier diaper cakes start at $5o).

Baby Girl Diaper Cake

My friend Heather ordered this diaper cake to send to a friend. I kept it simple, with a couple bath products, a cute bib, and a bunch of baby washcloth roses (just unroll & use!) This was the cake that forced me to figure out how to make them secure enough to mail. (Let's just say MacGyver would be proud!) Note the final gift-wrapped version (I always wrap these in cello, and nothing leaves my house without a showy bow!) This medium size (3 tier) diaper cake starts at $40.

Twins Diaper Cake

I created this diaper cake for a friend having twins. In addition to the Jumbo pack of newborn diapers, I included bath products, pacifiers with homemade pacifier leashes, booties, blankets, and onesies. I decorated with silk flowers and pink & blue ribbon. (This medium size, 2 tier diaper cake starts at $30.)