Sunday, May 23, 2010

Toy Story Cupcakes

In our house, we are pretty excited about the release of Toy Story 3. So when I was asked to do some cupcakes (and a cake) for a Toy Story themed birthday party, my daughter (who just celebrated her birthday) announced that she wanted a Toy Story party for her 5th birthday. Good thing I started practicing! The little green alien cupcakes I made by mounding the icing and rolling the tops in green sugar. I added three candy eyes, fondant ears, and frosting details to each alien. For "Hamm" (the piggy bank), I added a large marshmallow on the cupcake for the snout, and marshmallow pieces for ears. I sculpted frosting around the marshmallow to smooth out the snout. Then dipped the cupcakes in warmed pink icing to give it a smooth shiny coat. I added eyes with melted chocolate and details with darker pink frosting. For the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head cupcakes, I started with brown icing, then molded all the body parts and accessories out of chocolate. Then I just built the cupcakes much like you do with the original toy...added eyes, hats, noses, ears, mouths, mustaches, and an occasional arm. They turned out pretty fun. And the cupcakes were the perfect accessory to the Toy Story cake that featured Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Hope they were as big of a hit at the birthday party as they were at my house!


Netta said...

SO cute!
My almost 4 yr. old wants to have the Potato Head cupcakes for his upcoming b-day!
Thanks for the great idea!

Jessica said...

These cupcakes are fantastic! Best Potato Head Cupcakes I have seen, and I've been searching for awhile!

Jenny said...

Ok, I am going to ask a crazy question! how do you make the melted pink frosting if you don't mind me asking please, I have someone that would like me to make these as well!