Monday, May 10, 2010

Pokemon and Friends Cake

I love that kids like to look at my blog and say things like "Mom, this is what I want for MY birthday, a cake exactly like this one!" And that's just what this young man did. So I did a new version of the original Pokemon cake just for him. Drew's mom asked me to add some other characters with Pikachu, so I started looking on the web for some ideas. Who knew that there are 400 characters in this thing? So I got some more guidance and ended up with "Piplup" and some spiky squirrel that I couldn't find a name for. But they turned out cute and matched nicely with my color scheme. They added a Poke ball toy to the top, much like my last Pokemon cake, once the cake made it home safely. I got a great email today and the subject line said "best cake ever as quoted by Drew"! Glad I could be part of your birthday, Drew! Hope you had a great party (and mom recovered from the "sleep" over!)

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