Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Girl Shower Cake

I was really happy with the way this cake turned out. The shower host gave me a copy of the invitation, which I used to develop the design. I had tried the technique with the stripes coming up and over the edge of the cake on the little first communion cakes I made, and I liked the way it looked. So I wanted to try the stripes on a fondant covered cake. I added the bead border on the top with frosting to give the top artwork a nice frame. I then added the pink fondant bow around the bottom of the cake, topped with a little plaque with the baby's initials. The little bassinet on the top of the cake I modeled after the invitation logo. I also got to try a new technique by striping the fondant and then rolling it out (on the bassinet), which was cool. I added the silver bead edge to the bassinet and the silver balls on the legs to finish off the design and bring in the touch of silver that was in the invitation. I love a good theme, so it was fun to bring the invitation to life on the cake. I also got to make matching cookie favors (see other post) which were also fun. The cake was alternating layers of vanilla and cookies and cream cake with chocolate custard filling. Hope you gals had a fun shower!

Baby Girl Shower Cookies

I have so much fun doing cookie favors! It's definitely a creative outlet for me. So I did some circle, square and baby bottle shaped cookies, and glazed them in pink and white. Once the glaze dried, I decorated the cookies with green, pink, and white royal icing. I kept them pretty simple (ok, my version of simple!) with stripes and polka dots and added the initials of the new baby girl. I have to admit that it was really fun to do a girl shower this time...seems like everything has been very blue lately. I think they turned out really cute, and they were a nice complement to the cake and the invitation designs (see other post). Congrats to the new mommy!

More Monkey Cupcakes

These little guys always make me smile. I had done similar cupcakes before, but these were a little different. I frosted the cupcakes with the monkey faces with peanut butter frosting this time (all the cupcakes were chocolate chocolate chip cake with peanut butter filling). And on the green cupcakes, I decided to "pipe" the monkeys out of chocolate instead of frosting. They were a little simpler and turned out pretty cute. The bananas were molded out of a lemon Starburst candy (Runts bananas work great, but I didn't want to go shopping again!) My little monkeys love these monkeys!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dodger Cake

Gamblers beware! This is what happens when baseball fans lose a bet. My avid Angels fan friends had to host a Dodger party, and requested an "obnoxious blue" cake with a big white "LA" logo. I added the baseballs just to jazz it up a bit. The cake was cookies and cream with chocolate frosting between the layers. I'm glad I get to go to this party and see all the guests with blue teeth! Go Dodgers!

First Communion Cakes

How do you decorate a cake for 3 siblings (2 boys and a girl) that are all celebrating their first communion? Yeah, I didn't know either. So we decided on 3 separate cakes! These were all red velvet cakes with cream cheese icing. The polka dots, stripes, and ball borders were all made with fondant, as were the crosses and ribbons on top. I think they looked really bright and fun.