Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nemo Cupcakes

Wow - this could have been my hardest order yet, simply because my 2 year old son did not want to part with these cupcakes! He kept yelling "Nemo Cakes!" and cried when they got picked up! These were for a birthday party for some adorable 2-year old twin boys. The cake was my ever-popular Cookies and Cream (vanilla cake with crushed Oreos - it's a nice blend of vanilla and chocolate when you can't decide which to choose!). I thought that Mom was very thoughtful in suggesting that we do white frosting with blue sprinkles so as not to have a park full of toddlers with blue teeth, clothes, fingers, etc. (Good call - I've seen what Dodger and Cookie Monster cake can do!) I've been working a lot with fondant lately, but when it comes to cupcake toppers, I really prefer to use chocolate (much more tasty!) So I drew up a pattern (luckily we have plenty of Nemo gear 'round these parts) and created these chocolate toppers. They sat propped up a bit on the cupcakes and looked darling all together. I hope the boys enjoyed their "school" of cupcakes as much as my kids did!

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