Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pooh and Tigger Cupcakes

My son is obsessed with Pooh and Tigger. So even though he wasn't getting a big party for his 2nd Birthday this year, I gave him just what he wanted - "Papa" and "Pooh Tigger". (He's also a huge fan of my Dad, so we had a family party at my parents' house). Turns out it was a great day! I made chocolate chocolate chip and cookies and cream cupcakes. I topped the cupcakes with a swirl of bright red or blue frosting (a fun color contrast, and no one suspected that I just used leftover frosting!) then I topped the cupcakes with those familiar smiling faces. Once again, I decided to make the toppers out of chocolate instead of fondant - a good move, since the birthday boy ended up eating about 3 toppers with frosting and no cupcakes! They turned out really cute, and even though Tigger was very involved (who knew he had so many colors just in his face!) I think they were worth it. Jackson's little dimpled smile...Priceless!

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Anonymous said...

These are fantastic! I was just wondering if you used a mold for the chocolate Pooh and Tigger or if you just did it free-hand?