Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Tigger" Tails

I had to do a quick post about these little treats. On a trip to Disneyland, or what we in this house refer to as the "Winnie the Pooh Ride", I saw them making these hand-dipped treats, which were a skewer of marshmallows that they dipped in orange chocolate with dark chocolate stripes and they called them "Tigger Tails". I thought they were so adorable, that I wanted to try them at home. Now I am a big fan of chocolate dipped marshmallows; I make them for most holidays and parties at my house. And my party guests will attest that they are "surprisingly good". Well, add these babies to the party arsenal. Thinking that a skewer of 4 marshmallows would just be too much, I thought I'd try dipping pretzel rods instead. But then, being me, I made them "too much" anyway by dipping them first in caramel, then rolling them in chopped peanuts, THEN dipping them in the chocolate. The resulting "tails" were just as big as the marshmallow monstrosities, but somehow I had no problem eating these in their entirety. They were really decadent, like a huge, homemade snicker bar! And they were a darling accompaniment to my Tigger and Pooh cupcakes for my son Jackson's 2nd birthday. I love trying new things, and coming up with treats that fit a certain theme. It's just what I do. ;)

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