Thursday, April 28, 2011

Toy Story Buzz's Spaceship Cake

I thought that by making this cake with all my son's favorite Toy Story characters would make his birthday extra special.  However, during the creation of the cake, all I heard is complaints that Buzz wasn't right next to Woody!  There's no reasoning with a 3 year old.  But he ended up liking it when all was said and done.  Much like my daughter's birthday cake, I started with a hexagon cake (vanilla "funfetti" with BLUE frosting - Jack's request) and topped it with a smaller chocolate cake which I sculpted into the shape of Buzz's rocket.  I covered the spaceship with white fondant and created wings and the cockpit window (and BUZZ) with additional fondant and edible markers.  I added the hand-painted character panels around the bottom (Woody, Jessie, Rex, Alien, Ham, Mr. Potato Head)
 It was fun to do Buzz's space ship this time, and the kids all seemed to like it too.  I'm just glad that the birthday party was a big success.  Until next year...

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