Thursday, April 28, 2011

Disney Princess Castle Cake

So one of the biggest challenges about having two young kids and creating cakes every week is that said kids decide that they want EVERY character I've ever made on their own birthday cake.  My compromise with my daughter Hannah was that she could pick her 6 favorite princesses and I would hand draw each one to put on her birthday cake.  I figured by using the hexagon shaped baking pans, it would give me the perfect surface for adding one princess per side panel.  Similarly, I made the mini pink castle on top by adding pink fondant panels that I imprinted with my brick texture mat.   Then I added windows, shutters, edging, and a the "5" crest.  For the top of the cake, I stacked cupcakes and topped them with 3 glittered ice cream cones to create spires.  For each princess on the bottom cake, we made a corresponding decoration for the side of the castle: Rapunzel & paintbrush, Aurora & castle, Ariel & shell, Snow White & gemstone, Cinderella & glass slipper, Belle & rose.  The cake was strawberry of course (it's PINK!) and Hannah enjoyed sharing it with her friends.  I can't believe my sweet girl is already FIVE!  Yikes.  

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