Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pink and Green Baby Girl Shower Cake

I just love when my friends say "I don't care, just make it pretty!"  Thank you ladies, because while I'm having SO much fun making cakes, it's even more fun when I just get to try stuff and do whatever I want!  I just love the combination of pink and green, and I am loving the bright lime green for spring, so I thought this would make a cool baby shower cake.  

I started with a coconut cake with coconut cream filling (personal fave!), which I covered in vanilla buttercream icing and a thin layer of lime green fondant.  I "quilted" the fondant with a wheel tool and added a ribbon of white fondant at the bottom.  Then I piped little beads of white icing where the quilt lines crossed.  I then got to practice making fondant roses, which I added with leaves and a little sparkle with luster dust.  

The final and most striking detail was my pair of pink baby shoes; I made them out of pink fondant and covered them in baby pink edible glitter.  They made a sweet topper for the cake and turned out SOOO adorable.  I swear my daughter came out of the womb liking pink, sparkle, and SHOES, so what could be more perfect to celebrate baby girls?  The girls at the shower just loved the design and didn't want to cut it (I get that a lot) but they were glad they did.   

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Amy said...

LOVED my cake and LOVE you!! Thank you for making the shower so extra special and SWEET! It was DELICIOUS!!