Sunday, January 30, 2011

80th Birthday Dessert Buffet

This "dessert buffet" features my favorite kind of dessert: a little of everything! What could be better than a sampler platter of sweets? Not much.

I created this "table of temptations" for my friend whose family was celebrating an 80th birthday for her grandmother. Each type of sweet got its own pretty silver platter (the pedestal platters with dangling crystals are all mine and available to rent).

I made an assortment of sweets: double chocolate truffles, brownie cheesecake bites, lemon raspberry bars, vanilla strawberry parfaits, and 3 types of mini cupcakes (chocolate chocolate chip cake with vanilla butter cream, lemon cake with vanilla butter cream, snickerdoodle cake with cinnamon butter cream). Then I added little signs to describe all the different choices (I hate not knowing what I'm biting in to!) The finishing touch was a small lemon cake which I covered in white fondant and decorated with tiny red and white flowers. The cake topper was a hand-molded fondant figure representing the birthday girl in her "majorette" uniform (taken from an old black and white photo that my friend provided) complete with her rhinestone studded baton. I used red chocolate, red sanding sugar, tiny red ball candies and red heart sprinkles to carry the red color scheme throughout the table.

Dessert buffets are available for any occasion and run $3 - $5 per person served. Delivery, set up and equipment rental is available for an additional charge. It's a fun option for those who can't decide. Or just don't want to.

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Kathryn said...

Jennifer, your desserts are beautiful & delicious!