Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Einsteins Birthday Cake

This was another fun children's birthday theme. If you're not familiar with the Disney Channel show, then you don't have a toddler in your house. I started with a round base cake that I covered with sky blue fondant. I added hills, clouds, trees and flowers to that layer. Then I built "Rocket" as a top tier to the cake. The main part of the ship was made of layer cakes, and the engines on the sides were made with 2 cupcakes each side. I covered Rocket with red fondant and added other fondant details. The whole ship got a coat of luster dust that gave it a fun shine. And for the finishing touch, I created all four of the main characters (Quincy, June, Leo and Annie) out of fondant and drew in details with my favorite edible markers. The whole cake was cookies & cream with vanilla and chocolate butter cream. My favorite part? Watching the birthday girl munch on those crunchy kids. Too cute!