Monday, January 24, 2011

Giant Donut Cake

So this was a pretty simple cake, thanks to the cool pan I got for Christmas (thanks Mom!) But it was too cute and needed to be posted. Now, I admit that I have a real *problem* in that I can turn down cake, but when it comes to donuts, I have NO control. In fact, the first landmark that my daughter recognized from the car window was our local donut shop! (A little shout out here for Royal Donuts and Burgers in Mission Viejo...BEST DONUTS EVER! And curse them for having a drive thru!) Anyway, this was a birthday cake for a good friend of mine who is also a donut addict. The cake was my wine cake (yellow spice) with cream cheese icing (a combo I like to call "wine and cheese" cake). It was so cute and very tasty. It would also make a really fun top layer for a multi-tier cake. Mmmm...sprinkle donuts....How late are they open?

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