Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Present Cake

This was another pretty simple design (by my standards!), but those are sometimes the best. Besides, birthdays for men are kind of tough, so I wanted to make it festive without a real big theme. This red velvet cake was "wrapped" in cream cheese icing and topped with a big blue fondant bow. I added a fondant gift tag for the birthday boy as well. Simple, rich, shiny...just the way I like my birthday gifts.

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Ann Marie said...

This was the best cake ever. I served this at my husband's birthday party. First everybody "oohed and awed" when they saw the cake - then everybody wanted to know where I got the cake after taking the first bite. One of my close "foody" friends said "this is the best cake I have ever had." Delicious, moist, and absolutely beautiful - A real treasure is the woman who makes these special treats. Thank you Jennifer.