Monday, August 16, 2010

Cinderella's Carriage Cake

If you ask my mom, she'll tell you that I've been a Disney fan since I was tiny. And my kids are following in suit. So I am always really excited to create Disney cakes. My friend (and party Diva) ordered this cake for her mom's "29th" birthday (you don't look a day past it!!) I created a short round cake as a base for the design (cookies & cream cake) and topped it with blue fondant. I piped on the white details and topped it off with edible "pixie dust" glitter (a must for princess cakes!) and silver ball candy. The top tier of the cake was a lemon cake shaped like a pumpkin. I consider this one a "sculpted" cake, but I admit that I cheated and used my 3-D pumpkin pan. So I covered the pumpkin with white fondant and painted the entire surface with pearl dust for a regal shimmer. I made the fondant details (carriage doors, curtains, wheels and embellishments) and painted with silver highlighter. And I added silver wire scrolls for some interest. The crowning touch was adding Cinderella herself in the window of the carriage. For this piece, I used a clean rubber stamp, pressed it into rolled fondant, and painted the details with edible ink and luster dust. The birthday banner was the final touch. I think my favorite part of making this cake is opening the fridge door and hearing my four year old daughter GASP! "That's what I want for my next birthday!" (Note: she says this after every cake or cupcake order! But I might have to use this was too cute!)

**Another note: doesn't it look fabulous on my new cake stand? Love it! It's available (as are several other cupcake and cakes stands) for rental, so ask me! **

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