Monday, August 16, 2010

Ariel / Little Mermaid Birthday Cupcakes

Ariel is a princess favorite in our house, and she's been very popular in cake lately. So I was excited to try some new designs. I made the "Ariel" and "Flounder" cupcake toppers out of chocolate using my own hand made patterns. Once the chocolate hardened, I drew in the facial details by hand using a food-writer marker. Then I piped on Ariel's flower and shells with frosting. Flounder got a dusting of teal luster dust to jazz him up. I also made some chocolate princess crowns and chocolate sea shells to top the other cupcakes. I think they turned out fun and colorful, as well as delicious. The cake flavors were Snickerdoodle, Cookies & Cream, Coconut Cream, and Vanilla with chocolate frosting. Yum!

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Heather said...

Ummmmmmm, do I get to eat these this weekend???? ;-) Adorable, as always.