Friday, January 8, 2010

Mini Christmas Cupcakes

When my dear friend (and blog-stalker) Heather ordered mini cupcakes for Christmas Eve, I was excited to try to actually decorate them (up to this point, I had only done a swirl of frosting on the minis). And since I use all my friends as guinea pigs, she got some fun and festive mini desserts! I had the idea to add a chocolate-dipped marshmallow head to make a snowman cupcake, and they looked cute (even if they were a little top-heavy!) The hats were a half of a regular Oreo topped with a mini Oreo. And I used sprinkles, fondant, and my trusty food marker to make the faces. I had to do the black and whites in mini for her, since she was such a fan when I first blogged about them. They were a little tricky in miniature, but turned out cute. The holly and snowflakes were cut out of fondant. And the red and green cupcakes were simply rolled in sugar to create a sparkly ball of crunch-covered frosting. I bet they looked cute all together on the buffet table. Thanks Heather! ;)


Shayne said...

These are so divine! I love the snowmen! Clever clever lady u!

Heather said...

Stalker?! I like to call myself your biggest fan (Kathy Bates style). Haha

It goes without saying that the cupcakes were a *huge* hit and one of our guests actually got his camera to get pictures (a guy in his 20s, no less). Delicious and SO festive. Thanks again Jen!