Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Well, until today, my 3 year old daughter had not really noticed Hello Kitty. But after this, she has become a fan. And I might also become a fan because these turned out adorable! I debated on how to create Kitty: with chocolate or fondant. I usually go the chocolate route because I like the taste of the chocolate better than the fondant. But I decided the white chocolate wasn't "white" enough. So I drew a pattern for her head on cardboard, cut it out and used it as a pattern on the rolled fondant. I had to cut out the kitties by hand with a little knife, but it wasn't as labor intensive as I thought. I piped on her face with melted chocolate and frosting, and the pink flowers were all made from fondant as well. In an attempt to appease some of the boy guests, I made some of the cupcakes a little less girly by using blue sprinkles, but for 4-year olds, they tend to pick the most decorated of the cupcakes regardless of the decorations. And of course, I added a little sparkle in the form of edible glitter (always a hit with 4-year olds!) The cupcakes were chocolate, vanilla and lemon, all with vanilla icing. What a cute theme for a cute girl...Happy Birthday Bella!

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Lisa said...

The cupcakes were a BIG hit! Boys, girls and parents gobbled them down and asked for Jennifer's card. Great way to add something special to your basic kid's gym party. Jennifer, you are an artist! Lisa C. (Bella's Mom)