Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Onesie Cookie Favors

In my fever to get these done on time, I didn't get photos of all the different designs this time, which really bums me out. This was my 3rd batch of these baby boy onesies, but I had a different color palette to work with this time - blue, green and yellow. So I used my favorite designs (preppy collars, argyle, pinstripes) and was inspired to do some new designs as well: little green "izod" alligators, little yellow duckies, super "S" symbols (the baby's last name is also an S, so I thought this was double-cute). And I also like to do little sayings: "I love Mommy, I love Daddy, Got Milk?, Rock Star, Chick Magnet". They turned out so cute. Each one was individually wrapped in a cello bag with a little ribbon bow. The guests had fun looking through all the cookies and picking their favorites. And I had fun getting to do this for my lovely friend. Win-win!

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