Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tennis Birthday Cupcakes

I should have snapped some photos of the room at this party because it was so adorable! These cupcakes were for a 70th birthday for a lady who still loves to play tennis (you go, girl!) The cupcakes were coconut cream cake with vanilla butter cream and peanut butter cake with chocolate butter cream (my 2 favorites! too bad there weren't any leftovers this time) For the tennis balls, turns out it's hard to find chartreuse sugar, so I made my own by mixing yellow and green sugar in a bowl. I iced the cupcakes, then rolled the tops in my sugar mixture. Then I piped the white lines on top to finish them off. For the tennis rackets, I sprinkled the chocolate frosting with green and yellow non-pareils, then I molded chocolates using green, yellow and white candy melts. Once the candies were set, I popped them on top of the chocolate butter cream. Then I got to deliver these to the party and set them up on my dad's custom cupcake tower. To dress up the tower, I molded some chocolate number picks and added them to a couple cupcakes at the top of the tower. Then, I had an extra fondant banner from a cake this weekend, so I wrote the theme of the party, "Grand Slam!" with my green food writer marker. It was really a cute centerpiece to an already cute party!

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