Monday, September 27, 2010

Jungle Sports Baby Shower Cake

So it's been a while since I've had an audience for cake decorating, but I actually had some girlfriends over while I started this one, so it was kind of fun. Maybe I should do a full tiered cake class?! Anyways, this cake was a fun was based of the soon-to-be parents' baby registry which included this pattern called "Team Safari" for their bedding and nursery items. All the animals were featured with various sports balls, as I replicated in fondant. The cakes were vanilla cake, one with chocolate butter cream frosting & filling, and the other with strawberry butter cream frosting and filling. I was proud of myself for thinking of the strawberry butter cream...I whipped it up on the fly, and it was pretty tasty. It passed my quality control board (i.e. husband and daughter) with flying colors. The cakes were decorated in fondant animals, including the hand-molded fondant elephant and the palm fronds. I finished off the cake by piping a chocolate icing border and some vines. I put the "welcome" to the baby on little pennants at the top of the cake, which I thought was fun and very "boy". Congratulations! Hope you have a smooth delivery! ;)

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