Friday, September 3, 2010

Bob the Builder Cowboy Cake

This cake was for a little man who was turning 3 and wanted a Bob the Builder cake for his party. However, his favorite Bob video was a cowboy story. So I used the artwork from the cover of the DVD to design this cake. I decided to do a close up of Bob and his (adorable!) horse by cutting the shapes out of fondant. Once I pieced the fondant together, I used food writer markers to draw in the detail. The whole design was placed on top of a cookies & cream cake covered with blue buttercream icing. I added fondant ropes, hats and stars all over, then finished the design by piping a bead border and writing in chocolate buttercream icing. The cake was so cute that it makes me want to watch the video... I'm sure it's in my near future with my son.

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Lexi Foster said...

This cake is awesome! I am been trying to find a cowboy cake for my son who is turning 4 but I couldnt find anything I liked. Thanks for sharing!