Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beach Party Cookies

These cookies were for a beach birthday party. I had tried in the past to add sanding sugar to my glazed cookies and was unsuccessful (turns out if you sprinkle it on top of wet icing glaze, the sugar actually sinks in and it looks really weird!) So I was excited to discover this technique for sugaring the tops. Once the glaze dried, I "painted" the area I wanted to sugar with water and sprinkled the sugar on top, shaking off the excess. (The water acted like a sugar glue once it mixed with the icing glaze. Cool!) So the sand castles got some white sugar highlights, the sand pails got a stripe of red sugar and some blue sugar to show the inside of the buckets, and the beach balls got stripes in 4 colors of sugar. They turned out super cute, and I loved the sparkle! I finished off the buckets and balls with some royal icing highlights and voila! Beach party fun!

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