Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

This fun Hello Kitty cake was for a 50th (yep, not a typo) Birthday. I thought I heard this client wrong too, especially when she sent a photo of the party decor. But when I delivered this cake, I met the group of ladies and they seemed so fun that I totally felt like the it was the right cake for the occasion! I started with a layer cake that was Champagne Orange with layers of vanilla lemon custard. The whole cake got covered with my vanilla frosting, then I covered the cake with pretty pink fondant. The stars, balloons, bows and HK were all made from fondant. I piped on the bead border, the writing, and the black details with regular frosting. I even added a "50" in chocolate to the middle balloon for a subtle reminder! Before cutting out the balloons, I pressed some different texture mats into the fondant to give them a little interest. The design came right from the plates and napkins that the gals were using from the party. I think it works for a 5th birthday or a 50th! Cheers to all of us that are young at heart! Party on, girls!


hyperdark06 said...

I love this cake wish you were in MI!

mimiisawsome69 said...

i am interested in getting a cake that looks like this for my daughters first birthday what would be the pricing and how many would it serve?