Friday, June 25, 2010

Fathers' Day Cake

I thought this was such a nice idea for a party and also for a cake. My dear friend Stephanie threw a Fathers' Day party to celebrate all the Dads in her life - her husband, dad, grandpa, uncles, brothers-in-law. So we felt like each of the dads should get their own "piece" of the cake. So she and her sister drew out some ideas on a paper napkin while they dined together and brought the paper napkin to me! And I created this cake with 7 fondant panels which represented each of the dads at the party. To keep the cake looking cohesive, I kept the colors similar, using brown, blue, yellow and orange as the main colors, with a couple others mixed in. With all the busy-ness of the design, I decided to cover the cake in white fondant. The cake was coconut cream and cookies & cream, all covered with a layer of vanilla icing. Once all the panels were attached and decorated with fondant details, I used a dark chocolate icing to write every one's name and outline each of the panels. Then I topped the cake with fondant letters and attached stars dangling on wires. I was happy with way it turned out, as was the family. I was more happy that I had leftover coconut cupcakes! Let the diet start NEXT week.

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