Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winnie the Pooh Cake

Silly old bear! This Winnie the Pooh cake was for a 2nd Birthday party. It was a lemon cake with lemon filling. I iced the whole cake with vanilla frosting, then marked the pattern on the cake. I was kind of happy with myself figuring out how to transfer my daughter's coloring book image onto the cake (this is where my MacGyver skills come into involved a copy machine, an exacto knife and a toothpick!) Then I spread the yellow frosting on with a spatula. The ears and nose were built with halves of sculpted cupcakes to give it a little more 3-D effect. Then I piped on the blue and red details with icing. I outlined his face and made his eyes and nose out of melted chocolate. Around the cake I wrote "Happy Birthday Patrick" for the little birthday boy. Then I added "bees" that I made out of chocolate and sliced almonds around the cake. He turned out really adorable! My three-year-old daughter told me "Great job, Mom". And my 18-month-old son pointed at the cake and yelled "OOH". I couldn't ask for nicer compliments. At least the kids are impressed!

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Shayne said...


Found you via google as I'm searching for Ideas for my daughter's 4th birthday party - and she wants Winnie The Pooh cake. I love this one - it is simple but still seriously cute!

How did you do the bees? Can I copy this? or is that rude to ask! Given that i'm in South Africa i can't really order it from u!

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