Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oreo Cookie Pops

For me, October is synonymous with CHOCOLATE! Maybe that's why it's my favorite month. So I thought I would post this little photo. Chocolate dipped treats are a staple in my house, and a really easy project for mass gift giving. I made these pops by dipping oreo cookies (golden oreos and regular) in milk chocolate for a kids' Halloween party we attended. They are delicious, and who doesn't like food on a stick? I was excited this time because I made my own candy decorations out of royal icing this time. I've been known to just use sprinkles in the past, which are cute and easy. But I was in the mood to make spooky candy toppers this year. I was even too lazy to tint the royal icing orange for my candy pumpkins, so I just sprinkled orange sugar on the wet white frosting. It turned out kind of fun. The pumpkin stems and ghost eyes are just jimmies that I stuck into the frosting before it dried. These are great for any holiday or occasion, or a great addition to a dessert buffet. They look adorable with a little cellophane bag and bow. I also do chocolate dipped marshmallows, which are surprisingly addictive. Mmmm...I wonder if I have any left downstairs?

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