Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kaylin's Baptism Cake

This cake was for some dear friends of ours. I love doing projects for friends because they usually give me free artistic license to do "whatever". The cake was a fun project because I got to try some new cake decorating toys; I have these little pattern presses that gives you an impression in the frosting so you can trace over with a frosting line. (Oh shoot, my secret is out!) I mean, I "free-handed" all the green decorative vines. The vines and the pink borders I piped with frosting, but I made all the flowers from pink and purple fondant. I love the way the fondant flowers stand out a little from the cake and give it a little more dimension. And the finished cake got a little dusting of edible "pixie dust" to give it a little sparkle. Our guest of honor requested her favorite flavor cake: banana chocolate chip. (Good choice Kaylin. My husband is still talking about that one...he got a leftover cupcake and has been raving about how rich it was!) We were sorry to have missed the party this time, but I hope they liked the cake! Congratulations Kaylin!

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