Monday, September 14, 2009

Sesame Street Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

There's something magical about Elmo when you're a toddler. Maybe it's his big grin. Maybe it's the giggle. Maybe it's how he talks in 3rd person. I don't know, but both my kids were under his spell as well. So it was alot of fun to get to make the treats for my friend Zeena's big 2nd birthday bash for her daughter Zaleeya. The cake was vanilla cake layered with raspberry and cream fillings, covered in homemade buttercream icing. The Cookie Monster, Bert, Big Bird and Oscar characters that were on the sides of the cake I made out of fondant. Elmo's fur was piped on and his eyes, nose and mouth I molded out of chocolate. I loved seeing Zaleeya give her Elmo cake a big kiss before cake cutting.

I also got to make 4 dozen cupcakes to go along with the cake. So I made 4 characters: Elmo (strawberry cupcakes), Big Bird (lemon cupcakes), Cookie Monster (cookies & cream cupcakes), and Oscar the Grouch (chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes). I piped fur and feathers in buttercream icing, then molded chocolate faces for Elmo & Big Bird, and chocolate eyes for Oscar and Cookie. Oscar even got a trash can lid made from fondant and topped with silver luster dust (so everything on the cupcakes were edible). It was fun to see all the kids (and adults!) with blue teeth and red lips from all the wild frosting colors! And it was really fun to see everyone enjoying my treats at the party. We had a great afternoon. Thanks to Zeena, Azeem & Zaleeya for a fun day and a fun project!

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Heather said...

Who had blue teeth? Dessert was DELICIOUS and Adam loved his grouch cupcake AND the cookies. Thanks Jen!