Monday, September 14, 2009

Margarita Cupcakes

Ole! These cupcakes turned out really fun. I borrowed the idea off the internet, but developed my own recipes for the cake and frosting. And after 4 batches, I finally found the winner. They were for a bachelorette party where the girls started out with dinner at Javier's in Newport Beach. They took the cupcakes along with them to the restaurant, so I thought this would be a great addition to their evening. (And besides, I really wanted to avoid having to buy dirty chocolate molds and make x-rated treats! This is a family blog.) The cupcakes actually had tequilla, margarita mix and triple sec in the cake, and were tinted a light green. The homemade buttercream frosting had a twist of lime. I decorated the cupcakes for the girls with a dollop of lime frosting, a straw, and rolled the "rim" of the frosting in sanding sugar, which mimicked salt. And for garnish, I used candy lime slices. On batch #3 (bottom photo), I used actual slices of lime covered in sugar for garnish, which were also fun. Rats. Now I want chips & salsa! Is it taco tuesday yet?

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