Sunday, June 26, 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Cake

Question: How do I make a cake for a very close friend who's in another state?  The short answer is: I can't.  BUT, when it's a family friend, and I know that her mom & dad are driving there, then I can send up some supplies and create a "cake collaboration", which is what this one ended up being.

So this 9 year old pink pirate / Captain Jack Sparrow birthday party was the perfect excuse to try another edible portrait.  My friend Cindy and I came up with a plan: she would bake the cake, frost it, and cover the top with graham cracker crumbs and raw sugar to resemble the beach.  I agreed to make a treasure chest out of rice krispie treats (to better handle 10 hours in the car) and the pink pirate flag. I also made some gold and silver dusted jewels and treasure pieces.  The portrait of Captain Jack was a surprise.  I got a pack of cocktail napkins with his picture and used the photo as a guide to my painting (the side by side pirates above shows the comparison - the blue background is on the napkin).  I painted the portrait with food coloring and a little water and attached sticks so that it would stick out of the cake.  Then I packaged everything up with some edible pearls and metallic dragees and sent it up with Grandma and Grandpa with a sketch of how to put the whole thing together.

Funny side note: when Cindy posted the photos on Facebook, it asked her to "tag" Captain Jack - Facebook thought it was a real person!  Ha!  I was just glad to be able to be part of the birthday.  Hope you had a very happy birthday Leah!  We love you!  But why IS the rum gone???

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