Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

This cake turned out to be the perfect finale to the wedding reception.  I made a simple, two-tiered square cake and covered it with white fondant.  I piped a simple bead border at the base of both tiers.  Then, I added a detailed cherry blossom branch all made out of fondant.  I formed the branch out of wire and molded brown fondant around the wire.  Once I had the branch the way I wanted it, I laid it on the cake and secured it to the cake with a little more wire.  I then added delicate white blossoms that I made from fondant and dusted with a pink luster dust.  I also created flower buds and little green leaves which I added to the branch.  I finished the design by scattering a few additional cherry blossoms around the sides of the cake, just to add a little more color.  The result was simple and beautiful, my theme for the whole reception.  I loved the way it turned out, almost as much as the guests loved the taste of the cake!  The top tier was chocolate chocolate chip cake with a cookies & cream filling.  The bottom layer was white cake with strawberry filling.  And I displayed the cake on my elegant silver cake stand.  Love it!

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