Monday, March 28, 2011

Dodgers 50th Birthday Cake

This cake was for my cousin who turns 50 this week. He is a diehard Dodgers fan, so his wife came up with this idea for his cake. She requested home plate topped with a Dodger hat, both life-size! So I got as close as possible. Actual home plate is 17" wide, but my biggest cake pan was 16", so that's what it had to be. I covered the "base" cake (ha!) in butter cream and white fondant. Then I carved an 8" round layer cake to sculpt the hat and covered it in "Dodger Blue" fondant. [Note to self: next time I have to make royal blue fondant, make sure to where gloves! I looked like I had been strangling Smurfs!] I made the brim of the hat by drying a piece of fondant over an actual hat to get the shape. The bottom cake was coconut cake with coconut cream filling (seriously delicious, if I do say so myself!). And the hat was also cake - vanilla cake with strawberry filling. It's so fun to make a cake for family...I talk about the cakes I make, but it's much better to check them out in person. AND, I get to eat it! Quality control is very important...

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