Monday, March 7, 2011

Airplane Birthday Cake

I love when I get to do cakes for friends. Especially when they are little squishy friends with pinch-able cheeks. I am referring to the birthday boy in this case, little Owen who was turning one. His parents put together an adorable party with an airplane theme. So I went to work.

The bottom tier of the cake was vanilla cake with strawberry filling. The top tier was carrot cake with cream cheese filling. I covered both tiers in vanilla butter cream icing, then a layer of blue fondant. I brushed on some luster dusts on the blue fondant to give it a non-uniform look, then made some airplanes out of bright blue and green fondant. I didn't have a cookie cutter this time, so I actually just free-hand cut the planes out. Once the planes were in place, I piped on clouds with white frosting. I added a banner to the back of one of the planes that read "Happy Birthday", then piped "Owen" as if another plane had done sky writing. Then I topped the cake with a giant vanilla cupcake that we took off and served to the birthday boy. It was a big hit with Owen; I think I have another customer!

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Heather said...

I've neglected commenting on this cake, but I just don't know what I can write that would do it justice! It was just as adorable (even more) in person and soooo delicious - I'm still getting comments from other guests on how good the cake tasted. Thanks Jen! I hope you're ready for more work in the future because a few people got your info from me. :)