Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Garden Fairy Cake

This was a special cake for a very special girl - my daughter's best friend at preschool. And what 4 year old girl wouldn't like a pretty pink fairy cake? The Birthday Girl's mom sent me a photo of a cake that she found on the internet with elements that she liked. She also sent me a picture of the plates and napkins she ordered for the party. So I took those ideas and color scheme and created this two tiered cake. It was supposed to feed 40 people, but I think it was closer to 60 servings (I just don't trust the Wilton charts...I tend to "go big"!) The cake was cookies and cream with chocolate filling and chocolate chocolate chip with chocolate filling. I covered those with my vanilla icing and a layer of pink fondant. Then I made all of the decorations out of fondant. I cut the butterflies, flowers and leaves out with cookie cutters, and molded all three fairies by hand. The fairy at the top sits on top of a cupcake that I also covered with pink fondant and surrounded with flowers. The 3 fairies got magic wands made out of toothpicks with fondant stars. I added some shimmer to the flowers and the fairies' dresses with luster dust. And the whole cake got a generous dusting of (what else?) "pixie dust". I'm getting more comfortable with making the fondant figures and attaching them to cakes; I think I learn new tricks with every cake I make. This was a really fun project. I think I got the best compliment of all from my daughter (who is also on the verge of turning 4). She said "Oh Mom, it's SO BEAUTIFUL!" Thanks, Baby!

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