Sunday, February 21, 2010

Frog Birthday Cake

Well, this year, it is all the rage to "go green"! This birthday cake was for a frog-lovin' four year old who was having a frog themed party. The cake was vanilla with chocolate filling and was made from a square and round layer cake. I decided to cover the whole cake with regular frosting (rather than fondant) because I like the texture when creating "water". Around the outside of the cake, I pressed graham cracker crumbs along the bottom to create a base for the "pond". I added fondant rocks and some plants piped with frosting. I frosted the top of the round cake with green frosting to look like a lily pad. The tall plants, purple flowers, and cat tails were all made with fondant. For the frog, I started by baking a mini cake in a small glass bowl (about the size of 2 cupcakes batter-wise). I turned the cake upside down and covered it with green fondant. Then I molded the head, legs and arms with additional fondant. To tie the cake in with the invitation that Mom sent me, I added some yellow spots on Mr. Frog and a long tongue, complete with a fly at the end. Let's just say I was "hoppy" with the results. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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