Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Birthday Cookie Favors

This is a sampling of some cookie favors I made for a big First Birthday bash. I baked homemade sugar cookies (9 dozen!) in circle, square, and cupcake shapes. Then I glazed each cookie with a thin layer of icing. Once they dried, I piped decorations in white, baby blue and sage green royal icing. I added "A"s for the birthday boy's initial, and a few "1"s as well. The cupcake shaped cookies got a little sugar sprinkled for sparkle and a touch of gold luster dust for the flame of the candle. Once all the designs dried and the royal icing was nice and hard, I bagged each cookie and tied each bag with blue or green ribbon to match the party colors. They turned out adorable, and delicious (even the burned pan of cookies we tried were pretty darn good). Must be the real butter. Hope everyone liked their treats!

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