Sunday, December 6, 2009

Princess Cupcakes

Hear ye, hear ye, calling all princesses! I was excited to try some designs for these princess- inspired cupcakes. I wanted to do some dramatic princess crowns, so I drew myself a pattern and cut these out of pink fondant. The cut outs on the crowns were made with an embossing tool (new toys!) that also created the little designs around the cut out part. Then I added the silver dragees to the points on the crowns. They dried for a little while in my muffin pans, then got perched regally on a swirled mound of frosting. The coconut cupcakes got a little pink fondant flower to dress up their fuzzy blanket of flaked coconut. The glass slippers I molded out of white chocolate and painted with pearl highlighting powder. And the stars were cut out of fondant, pearlized and stuck with a clear toothpick to make a princess wand. And all the cupcakes got a dusting of edible glitter, some with the irridescent "pixie dust" glitter and some with my new silver "disco" glitter (all little birthday girls need the BLING!) The cupcakes were a mix of different cake flavors: coconut, chocolate chocolate chip, banana chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and strawberry (I love doing baking for friends who let me throw in whatever I have available!)

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Shayne said...

Simply gorgeous!

i REALLY need to get going on working with fondant - your creations are beautiful