Sunday, December 6, 2009

Carrot Cupcakes

Do you know that I have been doing this baking for about a year and no one had ever requested carrot cake until this week? (Obviously you haven't tasted my cream cheese frosting!) So I decided that these babies should get a post of their own. They were really tasty. I've been trying not to eat my own baking lately, but carrot cake with cream cheese icing is downright irresistable. The birthday boy requested carrot cake only, and now I remember why! There's vegetables in there...that means they're good for you, right?
So I was going to send them out with just the sprinkles, but they were a little dull. So I added simple fondant stars and chocolate "Happy Birthday" plaques. It dressed them up a bit. Who doesn't like a chocolate appetizer before the main course?

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