Sunday, December 13, 2009

Black and White Cupcakes

Ok, I just had to post this because I think these turn out so cool! The black and white cupcakes are just so beautiful and tasty that they needed their own post. I am a big fan of anything resembling a "sampler platter"; this is either my tendency to be indecisive with a menu, or a product of my love for food. These cupcakes hit the mark...2 flavors in one. Heaven! I saw the idea in a magazine a while back; the article showed a lady and her mom who would make the cupcakes together, one with the vanilla batter and one with the chocolate, and they poured in unison (heartwarming, I know). Unfortunately, I do most of my baking with only the kids around, and my 3 year old is not that steady. So I figured out a way to do it myself. I put both batters in their own freezer zipper bag, then snip off a corner of each bag. Then somehow, I take a bag in each hand and squeeze out the batter as evenly as possible into each paper liner. They look a little messy before they're baked (bottom photo), but they turn out magically delicious once they're out of the oven (top photo). It seems a shame to cover them with don't get to see how cute they are until you peel off the paper liner!


Heather said...

I love these - Jen's take on the black and white cookies you find in good New York/Brooklyn bakeries. (Of course, then I would say you have to frost them in black and white too...) And growing up I asked for a marble cake for every birthday so it reminds me of that too!

Shayne said...

These look great - am going to have to give them a bash. They would be nice iced with two tone vanilla/choc icing i think - have a squizz here: