Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mini Cupcakes

So before I started all this baking, my husband would complain that he didn't like cupcakes because they were "unsatisfying". (He likes a big piece of cake for his big sweet tooth!) So I never dared to make mini cupcakes for fear of all the complaining. But I was asked to be part of a holiday boutique at a friend's house this week, and I thought I would come simply to pass out my business card and bring mini cupcake samples. And I have to tell you, they turned out so adorable! They were still moist, and their mini size encouraged guests to try more than one flavor. I set them up on cake plates in a little display on the kitchen counter; the display was so cute that I decided that I should offer mini cupcakes too! They would make a really fun dessert buffet. And they're easy to eat (gone in two bites, or one if no one is looking!) I offered samples of seven different flavors (including 3 new ones that I've developed for the holidays): cappuccino, champagne orange, chocolate chocolate chip, yellow spice (wine cake), red velvet, gingerbread and peppermint cookies and cream. So, mini cupcakes are now available for $20 per 2 dozen (2 dozen minimum)

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Heather said...

I'm not sure how I feel about mini cupcakes - I'm pretty sure it will cause me to keep eating "just one more" until I've had about 20 of them... haha. They are ADORABLE, wish I could have been there to sample but I know they were delicious.