Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project Playhouse, Taylor Style

No, this isn't made of gingerbread! I didn't bake any part of it. But I thought it deserved a post on the blog, nevertheless. This beautiful playhouse is the handiwork of my parents, Lynn & Lynne Taylor, the original MacGyvers! Last year, we took them to Fashion Island to see "Project Playhouse", a fundraiser that auctions off these incredible playhouses for charity, and they were inspired.
So, in a blatant attempt to make Grandma & Grandpa's house way more fun than our own, they designed and built this 8' x 8' playhouse in their backyard especially for the grand kids.

The "cabin" was built like a real house; there's a cement foundation, wood frame, roof tiles and wood siding on the outside, drywall and indoor/outdoor carpet on the inside. The workmanship is impeccable - the interior is painted and finished off with baseboards and wood trim around the windows. My Mom found the old windows at an antique show, and my Dad built the dutch door himself. My Mom hand-painted the exterior to make the wood siding look like a log cabin. And she also did the custom "Little Bear Lodge" painting above the door. Not to mention that she did all the interior decorating: custom curtains and curtain rods, little bear paintings, and an incredible "stone" fireplace that is actually carved out of styrofoam and painted to look like rocks!

Note the raccoon friend outside the window! No detail was spared. (Now you all know where I get it from!)

My daughter loves her little house; she is constantly "cooking" in her little kitchen and making us come up to the dutch door to order food from her "take out" window. The playhouse will be a special part of her childhood, and mom can't wait to host a special tea party for her and her little girlfriends at Grandma's house (ha ha!)

Now that "project playhouse" is complete, the dynamic duo has decided that it would be fun to do for other people too! So if any of you out there are seriously interested in having a custom playhouse built, please contact the Taylors at 949.458.0350.


jennie said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Now I know where you get it!

Robin said...


The cupcakes were not only beautiful, they were melt in your mouth delicious! I dream of these.

Thanks again,

Heather said...

I've always known your talent is inherited but WOW. The Lynns have outdone themselves, that's just amazing. Lucky grandkids!