Sunday, August 2, 2009

21st Birthday Cake

I created this cake for my hair stylist extraordinaire for her son's 21st Birthday. We wanted to play up the 21 / "blackjack" connection. The cookie playing cards were her suggestion...and they turned out really fun. (And bonus - they got a cookie chaser with their slice of cake!) I cut out the sugar cookies using an actual playing card as a template. I glazed the cookies with a smooth icing, then hand-drew (yes, I drew all the jacks freehand) the artwork with food markers. I was really happy (and relieved!) when the edible markers worked...I never could have gotten that level of detail with frosting or chocolate. It turned out to be a fun experiment! The cake was Michelle's favorite that we affectionately refer to as "death by chocolate": chocolate chocolate chip cake with chocolate filling and chocolate buttercream icing. Got milk? Custom cakes start at $50.

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