Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pretty Cupcakes

So I wanted to show that you don't need a real "theme" to your party to have some pretty cupcakes! I made these cupcakes for a Doctor's office in Irvine that was hosting a "Beauty Day" with mini massages & mini facials (PS - These ladies are fabulous! I personally see them both! Contact Maria Barajas, Massage Therapist at 949.422.2093 and Robin Bliss Clark, Esthetician at 949.525.3710 for more info.) I topped the cupcakes with a simple swirl of frosting. The zebra striped wrappers were "black & white" cupcakes (chocolate & vanilla) with chocolate vanilla swirled icing. The cheetah print wrappers were cappuccino cupcakes with cappuccino icing. I also added sanding sugar for a little sparkle and little pink flowers to keep them girly. You go girls!

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