Monday, June 1, 2009

Kylie's First Birthday

This cake design was (loosely) based on a photo that the client found on the web. I added the giant cupcake as a third tier to the cake, which served as an individual cake for the birthday girl. When it came time to serve the cake, they simply removed the cupcake and put it in front of the eager one-year old for the obligitory "cake all over the place" photos. This particular cake had a tier of coconut cream cake with coconut filling, and another tier of chocolate chocolate chip cake with chocolate filling. I covered the cake with buttercream icing and piped the polka dots and pink frosting details. The flowers and butterfly wings I hand-made from chocolate. The butterflies were a variation of the ones I made on the Butterfly Birthday cake, only a little more "whimsy" to fit the occasion. It turned out really fun & colorful.

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