Sunday, November 28, 2010

Star Wars Lego Cake

Growing up, I was the only girl on an all-boy street. I remember Lego's fondly; the boys next door had bazillions of them, and we would spend hours in their garage building. And as children of the 70's, we lived and breathed Star Wars (also a good game to play when you're the only girl around...I always got to be Princess Leia!) So this was a fun project for me. I made a two-tiered cake (chocolate chocolate chip with cookies and cream filling on the bottom and red velvet with cream cheese filling on the top). I covered the whole cake with blue fondant and piped a white bead border around the layers. Then I added writing in piped icing and little stars around the cake. I created Lego's out of gray and white fondant, cutting bricks with a pizza cutter and the tiny circles on top with a drinking straw. I made the Death Star and a Tie Fighter (yeah, no Internet research needed...I was a huge fan) for the sides of the cake out of fondant (detailed with an edible marker). I also added the birthday boy's name in the style of the Star Wars logo. Then I created the little Lego men out of fondant. Luke and Darth Vader battle it out on the top of the cake with light sabers that I made from plastic drink stirrers. And Yoda sat at the bottom tier of the cake. I loved their little cupped hands...a detail that I forgot about until this week. So funny! I think the force was with me.

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