Saturday, July 3, 2010

Puppy Party Birthday Cake

First, let me just give a shout-out to all my friends and fans who have really cool parties with themes that let me do really fun cakes! This cake was for a friend whose daughter had a Puppy Party for her 7th birthday. My instructions - puppies with blue and purple. This was my interpretation. The cake was chocolate chocolate chip on the bottom and cookies & cream on the top. I covered the tiers with my homemade icing and a layer of purple fondant. And I topped the cake with a king-size cupcake. I molded all 4 puppies out of fondant and decked them out with colorful party hats. Then I added presents around the tiers with fondant boxes and piped icing ribbons. I added the banner in front and a big "7" for the birthday girl. And I finished it off by piping little white puppy prints all over the cake. I really liked the final result (as did the birthday girl and her family). And since I got to attend the party, I actually got a slice of cake! (Good for quality control. And yes, I still eat cake from time to time! I wish I didn't.)

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Myra said...


I'm writing from Mexico and I just wanted to leave you a comment letting you know that I am so impressed with your work! Congratulations!!

And you have kids... wow... hoy do you find the time to be so creative?? :)

Saludos desde México!!!