Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barbie Convertible Birthday Cake

I have to tell you that I was so excited about how this cake turned out! It was so fun and so pink that I immediately downloaded my photos. Unfortunately, when I went back to post the photos, that was the day my computer died. So I had to beg for photos from the client (thank goodness it was for a friend!) and so these are the only pictures I have so far.

So both cakes were cookies and cream cake with vanilla icing. I made a two layer cake for the bottom and covered it in light pink fondant. The second cake was a four layer cake that I sculpted into the Barbie Glam Convertible (a special thank you here to my niece Emily who graciously loaned me her toy car for a model). I trimmed the cake until it looked like the car, and covered it in hot pink fondant. I dug out a place for the seats and covered the car's interior with black fondant. Since I lost my photos, you cant really see the detail, but I added stitching and a little stick shift, a radio on the dash board and a fondant steering wheel. I even made the zebra striped inlay in the leather seats. I added the details to the car with fondant and luster dusts, including the fondant windshield. For Barbie, I molded her by hand out of fondant and added spun sugar for her hair... JUST KIDDING! I picked up a doll at Target (actually my daughter picked her out), took off her little high heels and stuck her feet into the cake to wedge her in. (I'm good, but not that good!) I added writing and little fondant flowers to finish off the cake. I was excited to hear that the birthday girl was actually receiving said convertible toy for her Barbie birthday party, so that was a cool coincidence. At least I know that the Barbie doll got a sweet ride once they got the frosting off her feet! You go girl.

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