Sunday, February 21, 2010

Porsche Cupcakes

I think my friend Robin really thought she'd stumped me this time when she asked me to do cupcakes for her Dad that were "masculine" with the Porsche emblem on them. She just wanted "something close" and told me that I didn't have to do "the horse part in the middle". I had to giggle to myself. Maybe she knew that once you throw down with me, I have to come through! So I got cutting with my fondant and created these embems. The I painted the gold parts with luster dust to add some sparkle, and all the black was also luster dust that I hand-painted on. The cupcakes were vanilla cake with chocolate frosting (one of my personal favorite combinations) and I topped the frosting with gold sparkle sugar. Robin was blown away, and I hope that the cupcakes were a fun surprise for her Dad. Bring on the challenges, girls! ;)

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Jorden said...

Mu son came home from "Mrs. Chapa's" English class today and raved about these cupcakes his teacher showed his class. And he was right, they are gorgeous.